Nowhere Else to Run - by Eddie Martin - October 2016

A suspense thriller based in Brazil.


It was to have been the holiday of a lifetime to Rio de Janeiro for George and Maggie. They did not count on being pursued to Brazil by an International gang of ruthless criminals.


Back in the U.K., George had been approached by MI5, the British secret service, and asked to deliver a mysterious package to Brazil. He did not tell his wife about the package, which was desperately wanted by the criminal gang.


Maggie is kidnapped by the gang, and was to be exchanged for the package, but makes a daring escape with George's help. It was now a life or death struggle, and the couple are pursued to Iguassu Falls. They are confronted by the gang at the falls, and one gang member meets a gruesome death.


George and Maggie, terrified for their lives, head back to Rio, where they were shot at by the gang in a notoriously dangerous favela. George is wounded and seeks the help of MI5, only to find out that they were unwitting mules in the delivery of the package to Brazil. The couple were misled by MI5, who ultimately wanted to help them in reparation. But MI5 still needed their help to catch a suspected mole in their organisation, and the eventual demise of the criminal gang.


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