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Eddie Martin  

Eddie was born in London in 1950 and spent the first 14 years of his life in Guyana, South America, (formerly British Guiana). His family on his mother's side were of Dutch ancestry, who settled in Guyana in the 18th century, when Guyana was governed by the Netherlands.


Eddie returned to the UK in 1964 due to political unrest in Guyana and completed his education there. He started a career in IT in 1969 and established an IT consultancy company in 1981. Eddie migrated to Australia in 1986 where he continued his IT consultancy, returning to the UK in 1992. Whilst in Australia he became an Australian citizen and now holds dual nationality with the UK. His IT consultancy has continued to this day.

Professional Career
1969-2015 IT Consultancy

Writing Career
2016 (Oct) Nowhere Else to Run - A Suspense Thriller, paperback and eBook.
2015 (Oct) Rice is Nice Hmmmm! - A Selection of Easy to Cook Rice Dishes, paperback.
2013 (Mar) Rice is Nice Hmmmm! - A Selection of Easy to Cook Rice Dishes, eBook.
2013 (Jan) Computer Jargon Dictionary and Thesaurus (2nd edition), eBook.

2006 (Sep) Computer Jargon Dictionary and Thesaurus (2nd edition), paperback.

2003 (Feb) Computer Jargon Dictionary and Thesaurus (Ist edition), paperback.

Nowhere Else to Run - A Suspense Thriller

Eddie travelled to Brazil in 2013, and his journey there inspired him to write this psycological thriller. He spent 5 days in Rio at carnival time, and 4 days experiencing the spectacular Iguassu Falls. His adventure to both locations gave him the knowledge and insight in producing this fantastic novel.


Rice is Nice Hmmmm! - A Selection of Easy to Cook Rice Dishes

Eddie began his culinary skills when he was a young man and learnt from his mother who worked in the catering industry. Ever since then he has improved his cooking expertise by having the courage to cook anything, and specialises in curries and rice dishes. These are particularly relevant due to his knowledge gained and time spent in Guyana. He has travelled widely and as a result acquired knowledge and experience of cooking in different countries. The combination of experiences has given him the insight and confidence to write this book of easy to cook rice dishes.


Computer Jargon Dictionary and Thesaurus

Eddie's experience in the IT industry is over 40 years. In that time, he has worked in the UK and Australia, for private, commercial and government organisations. His experience was gained in software houses, manufacturing, financial and corporate companies, and on computer systems ranging from PCs to mainframes. He started as a trainee programmer and progressed in the industry to the point where he now runs his own IT consultancy business.


Will Fox  

Author of children and adult colouring books


2016 (Mar) The Griz Stories - A collection of 10 short stories that relate to experiences children have each day, paperback

2016 (Jan) Colouring Book No. 3 - A Compilation of Objects, paperback

2015 (Dec) Colouring Book No. 2 - Patterns, paperback

2015 (Nov) Colouring Book No. 1 - Landscapes, paperback

2013 (Aug) Bertie Bolt - A story book about Bertie Bolt and Sam Spanner, eBook and paperback

2013 (Aug) Rusty Nail - A story book about Rusty Nail and Harry Hammer, eBook and paperback

2013 (Aug) Peggy Peg - A story book about Peggy Peg and Molly Mallet, eBook and paperback

2013 (Aug) Sally Screw - A story book about Sally Screw and Fred Flathead, eBook and paperback

2013 (Aug) Twisty Drill - A story book about Twisty Drill and Little Bit, eBook and paperback

2013 (Sep) Billy Brush - A story book about Billy Brush and Amber Paint, eBook and paperback

2013 (Aug) Spiky Saw - A story book about Spiky Saw and Hairy Wood, eBook and paperback

2013 (Sep) Molly Mallet - A story book about Molly Mallet and Charlie Chisel, eBook and paperback

2013 (Sep) Hector Hacksaw - A story book about Hector Hacksaw and Peter Pipe, eBook and paperback

2013 (Sep) Suzy Scissors - A story book about Suzy Scissors and Rob Ruler, eBook and paperback




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