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Computer Jargon Dictionary and Thesaurus - by Eddie Martin - Sept 2006

Are You Forever Stumped With Computer Terminology? “Computer Jargon Dictionary and Thesaurus” Will Come To Your Rescue Because:

• You will have access to 1400 definitions of computer jargon
• A MUST for your home
• You will find it simple and concise
• Good value for your money
• You will find it a true cross reference guide
• Ideal for your home, school or office
• Invaluable and Indispensable accessory for those of you wanting to learn about computers

The second edition of Computer Jargon Dictionary and Thesaurus has been updated to include many more Internet items and now has almost 1400 widely used items of computer jargon. The items listed are words, phrases and acronyms, and a brief description is supplied for each, explaining the meaning of the item. Where the book excels, is in the Thesaurus aspect. Readers will be able to search a list of Thesaurus items linked to each definition to find other words, phrases and acronyms of similar meaning and relevance.


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Amazon Customer Reviews

Useful general reference March 3, 2014
A great student handbook 26 Feb 2014
Helpful reference book for the older person who is not computer literate February 26, 2014
Essential reference February 25, 2014
This will be useful to all those people who are not computer experts 24 Feb 2014


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